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Social responsibility

While it has achieved international success, BARTEC remains committed and connected to the region. The range of commitment is quite diverse: the intensive support and promotion of youths, the safeguarding of cultural attractions in the region, and the sponsorship of sports are of particular concern to BARTEC.

Our activities at a glance:

  • The “Creative Minds” inventors competition“
    “A really good idea is illustrated by the fact that its realisation seemed impossible from the outset” –Albert Einstein–

    Kreative Köpfe The “Creative Minds” initiative offers students from the region the opportunity to implement innovative ideas in the fields of science, technology, computer science, or mathematics with corporate support.

    The ideas will be selected by a jury and then implemented by the students within three months. In addition to materials and technical equipment, the companies provide experts, who support the students in realising their projects. Following the implementation phase, the young inventors present their findings, and the jury selects a winner, who will be awarded at a ceremony.

    For BARTEC, this competition is a great way to support students in the region. In light of the current situation, we feel that promoting this young talent is integral in ensuring the viability of Germany as a centre for technology as well as increasing the attractiveness of the region in terms of employment opportunities.

  • Prize of the Förderkreises der Wirtschaftsjunioren (Society for the promotion of business juniors)
    „Experience is the beginning of all art and all knowledge“ –Aristotle–

    Wirtschaftsjunioren Each year, the society awards a four-week internship to three outstanding graduates of economic schools in Bad Mergentheim, Tauberbischofsheim, and Wertheim. BARTEC has supported this initiative for many years. In 2013, for the eighth time, BARTEC awarded one graduate with an internship abroad.

    Only knowing the theory is not enough. The internship should enable deeper insights into the company so that the graduate can gain practical knowledge whereas it is important that the interns are fully integrated. We therefore try to accommodate the winners with families so that they can become better acquainted with the region and its people. To encourage all applicants, the society also awards special prizes. These include one-week internships offered by members.

  • Girls‘ Day
    „Only if you trust yourself a great deal can you accomplish a lot“ –Alexander von Humboldt–

    Girls-Day Girls’ Day aims to inspire female students to pursue technical professions in which only a maximum of 40 percent of women work or study towards. Many young woman can be found in some of these professions. However, there is still a lot of progress to be made in others.

    With BARTEC, the girls experience a taste of the exciting world of explosion protection. In addition to a factory tour, they get to know the machines and can even gain hands-on experience in the training workshop.

    Girls’ Day is very popular with students as well as with the participants from BARTEC. Some students even participate in Girls’ Day for several years, thereby gaining interesting insight into the various departments at BARTEC. Through Girls’ Day, the students can become better acquainted with the technical professions and test their own abilities. They receive insight that will surely help shape their career choices.

  • Children’s City
    „All dreams can come true… if we have the courage to pursue them“ –Walt Disney–

    Kinderspielstadt Every year, our trainees support the Bad Mergentheim Children’s City. For two weeks, the children live in their own city in which they work, earn “pebbles” as a salary, and make adult decisions. During the summer holiday programme, on the school grounds, children between the ages of 7 and 13 act as citizens of a city and assume various roles. The children can “work” in approximately 50 different professions e.g. at a bakery, in the theatre, with the police, or at the television station.

    BARTEC is proud to support this project because it helps the children to become familiar with the cycle of work, money, and consumption in their own city, test their abilities, and grow at their tasks. Our trainees have fun participating in the various activities with the children. “It is nice to see how the children develop during the project”, says Hanna, who has helped with the programme many times.

  • Fencing
    „If you remain conscious of your powers, needs, and possibilities, you will have a companion along the way“ –from Tibet–

    Fechten In addition to various other sporting events, BARTEC has been sponsoring the women’s sabre team in Tauberbischofsheim for many years. BARTEC advocates regional support for this elite sport. For BARTEC, it is important to provide successful athletes – especially those from the region – with the necessary support. Our entire company supports the partnership with the fencers. In business and in sport, the goal is the same: top performance. Both operate at an international level.

  • Readings
    „The real purpose of a book is to trap the mind into doing its own thinking“ –Christopher D. Morley–

    Lesung Our regional engagement also focusses on promoting culture. In cooperation with the city library, readings are continually held at BARTEC. We have hosted both reciter Gerd Berghofer and actor Ernst Pilick with his Eugen Roth programme in Bad Mergentheim. The varied programme was well received by literature enthusiasts.

    So far, the readings by various reciters have been successful continuations of the series in cooperation with the Bad Mergentheim City Library. We will continue to regularly promote interesting entertaining events.


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