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  • Frost protection Safe product and plant protection against frost damages
  • Temperature maintenance Reliable adherence to in-process, down-time and storage temperatures for liquid and gas media
  • Heating Calculated heating of material and liquid media for the accurately timed attainment of the required in-process and storage temperatures
  • Container heating
    Heating of all kinds of containers such as tanks, silos and others for the reliable and safe temperature maintenance of the media stored within.
  • Heating of analyser systems
    Precision heating of pulse and measurement performances from tapping to analyser system.
  • Pipe trace heating
    Heating of simple as well as complex pipe systems, from short to very long including the heating of all components such as flanges, valves, pumps and other equipment.
  • Heating of cabinets and instrumentations
    Heating of transmitter cases, control boxes and cabinets as well as customer tailored heating
    of instrumentation and process control equipment such as pressure gauges, flow rate meters, liquid level indicators.
  • Heating of bins and silos
    Heating of bin tops and conveyors, e. g. in power plants and pollution control plants.
  • SEH Skin Effect Heating System
    Applications are transfer lines, loading/unloading lines, subsea/submerged lines, tank foundation heating and many more – in hazardous or non-hazardous areas.


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